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WhatsApp modified versions are not found malicious after a lot of research, and that’s what makes them all perfectly usable for instant messaging. Choosing one of them would be complex, as the crowd is much larger than the WhatsApp Mod versions, while WhatsApp Plus is one among hundreds.

The privilege that we all see with WhatsApp Plus is its longest run among all other WhatsApp Mods, as it is the one that has been in the works for tremendous years.

When you will see the history of WhatsApp Mods and even when modified versions did not exist working for such superior capabilities, this plus version was one in the market.

However, mods are the creations of third parties, and likewise make them unavailable in the Google Play store for their official terms and conditions.

Mastering tremendous WhatsApp Mods will not make you feel complicated, when you start to understand that they are all the same.

In this place, we conclude that WhatsApp Plus APK is much better to be used than other mods for its longer working duration in the history of mods, and certainly regular updates with new features.

There is much more to know about the blue version of WhatsApp Plus, and we will understand it all in the following article. This page will inform you about everything related to the application, with the application file to install on Android smartphones and the installation process.

What is WhatsApp Plus for?

When the official WhatsApp becomes boring and outdated people feel like a change. Have a switch, have WhatsApp Plus! This is the modified version of WhatsApp, in which all your messages arrive at the same place and through the same WhatsApp servers, but with a unique facade.

The mod was first developed by a well-known member of the XDA Developers community. After Alex took over the further development of WA Plus App.

You can use this modified version for three different reasons: customized application interface, privacy-rich messaging and messaging automation.

WhatsApp Plus APK

These are not the only three reasons, and you can see many of them while using the app, but these are the three frequent reasons we see when people should use a WhatsApp mod.

The Plus version secretly offers you a new form of messaging, and these three aspects are clearly elevated with it. If you’re bored, customize the interface; if you want anonymous privacy, use privacy plug-ins; if you want to save time, automate messaging.

If all these things can come ahead of WhatsApp messaging, there would be no requirement for choosing a different platform and leaving your old messaging friends.

We can’t really change the protocol, as all our contacts are plugged into it, so the only thing we can do is change the version. That’s why this generation of messaging must need a WhatsApp Mod, so say Hello… to WhatsApp Plus.

Why use WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus should be installed on all Android smartphones, and you should know why. Below, you will see the most popular reasons why people install mods like WhatsApp Plus instead of the official WhatsApp Messenger.

You can download it through the following download section and, before that, find out everything you need to know about the features of the application below.

Customize the interface

Customize Interface

Full application customization is now possible for WhatsApp Messenger. By complete, we mean that every corner of the application is customizable, including headers, footers, widgets, etc. You have to head from the home screen and chat screen customization option because there you will get all those options, to customize header, footer, and all the other things, or what you can call the fully customizable interface.

Privacy add-ons

Privacy Add-Ons

Privacy should be at the peak of messaging, as we don’t just have one contact to send messages to. We can’t go on like this without the privacy features, since every time we send messages to someone, they know we are online at all times. Similarly, every time we see their messages, they receive blue ticks. WhatsApp Plus has been developed to avoid these situations, as it has some remarkable privacy add-ons, where you can hide the online status, blue ticks, typing…, double ticks, etc.

Send more media

Send More Media

The WhatsApp Messenger app locks you into some limits, and the deadliest limit you’ll see there would be a cap on the maximum number of media files that can be shared at once. Unlike the official application, the modified version allows you to send up to 250 images at the same time. All those images can be sent even at the highest resolution, so you don’t need Google Drive, File Sharer or Telegram to share files.

Download Status

Download Status

When someone sends a photo to WhatsApp status, copying it sounds very convenient, as you can take a screenshot by simply swiping three fingers down on the screen. But what about image quality, since that is what is reduced when capturing screenshots? What about saving video statuses? All that is superficially possible when you install the WhatsApp Plus app instead of the official WhatsApp Messenger app. It allows you to download statuses for free.

Hide chats

Hide Chats

Become a privacy-rich messenger with additional access to hide WhatsApp chats. There are not many mods with this feature enabled in their application interface, but Plus is the version that allows you to hide chats with password protection. You can choose between PIN and Pattern protocols to hide and protect your chats, and then click on the WhatsApp icon to access them again as an Agent 007.

Universal resources

Universal Resources

There are a few lists of some game resources that you will like to have in a messaging app like WhatsApp Plus. You will get a different variety of fonts, including most aesthetics, with tremendous launcher icons to use, and let your friends be amazed as they discover it. In addition, there are also a few amazing notification icons that will blend in with your WhatsApp notifications to give them an aesthetic look.

More functions

There are a few more features that do not contain much information, but you should know about them before downloading and using WAPlus.

Be sure of one demerit that makes this version of WhatsApp different from the others, which is its inability to work with the official WhatsApp Messenger.

So it cannot function as a second WhatsApp account. After knowing this fact, let’s get to other features of the application.

Hide Viewed Status

Do you want to see someone’s WhatsApp status, but at the same time you don’t want them to know you’ve seen it? If that is one of your soul requirements on WhatsApp, you should download this modified version because it allows you to hide the viewed status, unlike the official one.

Feeding long status videos

WhatsApp mods now allow you to add longer statuses. If you want to add a status of more than 30 seconds, start using the Plus version, which allows you to feed the video status for up to 30 minutes. But remember that higher vdeos will only be shown to mod users.

More subtitle colors

When you feed a caption in WhatsApp Status, you get a list of a few colors, while the modified version allows you to switch between more than 90,000 different color codes. You can also choose the color code of your brand if you know the RGB or HEX codes by filling them in for the legend status.

Download themes

WhatsApp official does not have the installable themes for customization of the application interface, but on the other hand, you can choose from thousands of them. Not only the quality, but the quantity of topics will also hype your online instant messaging. In addition, the application will also allow you to create your own themes and save those customizations by clicking on the Save theme option.

Customized privacy settings

Custom privacy settings can help you customize privacy settings differently for your different contacts. This will help you select frequent contacts that you do not want to show that you are connected to, that you see their status or read receipts. In addition, these options can also be activated for everyone at the same time.

WhatsApp blocking

WhatsApp Lock is a system that messengers can use to secure and lock their messages. Either you have some particular messages or you want to secure all your messages. WhatsApp Lock allows you to do everything, and if you want to get ahead, it allows you to choose between PIN, or Pattern both.

Search for images on the Web

Imagine you are messaging with any of your contacts and suddenly you are asked to send a reaction image or meme. Exiting the WhatsApp interface and searching for that meme or reaction image on Google Images is the traditional process we follow. But with the plus version, you can opt for a smart option, which is a built-in option to search for images on the web.

Forward to infinite contacts

Previously you were only able to forward WhatsApp messages to a maximum of 3 contacts at a time, but now the timing is different. Mod technology allows you to forward infinitely, and it doesn’t even matter if you forward those messages to contacts or groups.

Anchor more contacts

With the previous perspective on WhatsApp Messaging, the number 3 was also a limitation for posting messages, as no one officially able to post more than three. In contrast, modified users can set any number of contacts they wish to keep track of more than three contacts at a time.

Do Not Disturb Mode

DND mode is a successful mod option, and you’ll like it if you too are busy sometimes and are annoyed that WhatsApp keeps pinging notifications over and over again. Do Not Disturb mode, once activated, will not show you any notifications, and also without the bunch of one-by-one pings. Try this one-click mode, activate it and leave without being disturbed.

Automatic response

Auto-Response is the best option, especially for some online businesses, to find a way to respond to everyone who asks them about their products. Individually, you can use this function if you receive many messages a day and prefer not to waste time replying to them all. Automate everything, including messaging on WhatsApp, to use technology in time-saving mode.

Program messaging

Scheduling messages will also save you from having to keep track of every date and event. Once you know the dates when you have to wish someone something, follow up on a delivery, send information or remind them of something, schedule your messages and leave WhatsApp Plus by your side.

Hide Gallery Media

All our WhatsApp media files seem to be confidential, as some groups, friends and colleagues send them to us. If you are afraid of someone opening your phone’s Gallery, use the Hide Gallery Media feature, which allows you to hide media files with a single click. You will still have that multimedia content, but stored only in the WhatsApp Plus application interface.

Always online mode

Always Online mode is for those who want to show themselves online on WhatsApp. It will help you very well if you don’t want to miss someone’s messages, as they will always know that you are online and ready to respond to their messages. However, it also contains a flaw, which is to be active most of the time, but a nice feature for some WhatsApp traffic.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version

Finally, we have finished distributing all the pieces of information about the WhatsApp Plus version and from now on, you can experience more features on your own. You need one more step to go, which is downloading the application file for Android smartphones. Yes, this only works on Android phones and depending on the operating system, only APK files are installed, so we are listing below the APK WAPlus version.

whatsapp plus logo
App NameWhatsApp Plus
Size73 MB
Requires5.0 and later versions
Last update1 day ago

After clicking on the link above, you will be asked for permission to download the modified or Plus version of WhatsApp and shortly after that you will need to install the file on your phone.

You haven’t gone through the manual installation before, don’t worry, we will also list the manual installation process below, developed and written just for the WhatsApp Plus? application.

Friends, first, click on the link below, download the application, and finally install it on your phone via the method below. Thereafter, you would also be the one to sit under the sun of the messaging mods.

What’s new in version 17.80

GBWhatsApp Pro v17.80 changelog


How to install WhatsApp Plus APK on Android?

When using personal computers, we need to install the .exe files to use those programs, and we have a lot of experience with that procedure. However, Android phones have the app stores for that, counting the official Google Play Store, as well as the app stores of different phones. The installation of WhatsApp Plus would not go through all of them, so you may have to install it through a manual procedure that we indicate below.

  1. Click on the download link in the previous section and download the WhatsApp Plus application.
  2. Launch the Google Files or File Manager application and browse for the WAPlus APK file.
  3. Click on that APK file and approve the third-party installation permission if prompted.
  4. Finally, click and hold the Install button until the application is installed and you receive a notification.
  5. Finally run the application and accept all the terms and conditions requested.
  6. Choose your region and enter your mobile number to get started.
  7. Click on the Verify button and allow all important permissions.
  8. Enter the one-time password you received via text message on your WhatsApp number.
  9. Click the Verify button and skip the Google Cloud data backup system, as it does not work with WhatsApp Mods.
  10. Fill in some mandatory information, such as your username and profile picture.
  11. Go ahead and restart the WhatsApp Plus application.

After the last healthy reboot, you can find all the most interesting functions we have discussed in the Settings Plus menu of the interface.

Also, if you want to send messages, feed statuses, and make WhatsApp calls, all the procedures would be the same as the official one.

whatsapp-plus-installation  whatsapp-plus-installation

Frequently Asked Questions

What does WhatsApp Plus do?

This mod is a modified version of the official application, with the main goal of providing more features and customization options.

How to get WhatsApp Plus?

You cannot expect it to be available on the Google Play Store, as it is against policy. You are supposed to get the WhatsApp Plus app package from the official source(https://waplusapp.com).

Is WhatsApp Plus still available?

Yes, the development of this remarkable WhatsApp Mod is still ongoing, and you will receive the latest updates after the official WhatsApp updates.

How good is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is the only MOD that has been downloaded 20 million times, which shows how much people love using it.


At the end, when we have the application file, the installation steps and the recognition about all the things one should know about an Android application, it is time for the review.

You would have your feelings for this application or some respected features of the messaging platform. Please review below with your great comments and you should use all the features we have listed above, as this is where you will get the excitement and momentum while messaging.

Find your reason to use a WhatsApp Mod like WhatsApp Plus and show your greetings!

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